[20% off for readers only] Experience the brightness above the specifications.I tried the power of the small projector “Pico Cube”

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Maybe many people are thinking about buying a projector in earnest because they have more time at home.

But if you are having trouble choosing from various types, why not choose by size?

This, small palm-sized projector “ PicoCube .

It is a reliable guy that can be carried not only for home use but also for business trips and travel. This time, I lent the real thing, so I checked the convenience because it is small.

Everything you need

Photo: Kengo Shimazu

PicoCube The size is 55mm x 55mm x 55mm square. It weighs only 172g and is super compact .

You can freely adjust the angle by attaching the attached small tripod. You can project the image on your favorite place such as the ceiling or wall.

Photo: Kengo Shimazu

To the main unit There are three types of input: Kind-C, HDMI and earphone jack.

Kind-C is for charging, HDMI is for video and audio input. Not only PCs, but also images from PS4 and Nintendo Switch can be displayed. Also, if you connect it to the Wi-Fi of the main unit, you do not need a wired cable.

It also supports Miracast and AirPlay, and can display Android and iPhone images.

Photo: Kengo Shimazu

This time , Wired connection with PC. No special settings are required, and you can use it immediately by connecting it to your computer. Since it has a built-in Hi-fi speaker, it was also possible to output audio.

100 lumens but quite bright

Photo: Kengo Shimazu 4898D86F-E56E-4FCF-B572-3334EE0A815B_1_100_o

During the day, I projected the image in a bright room about 1m from the wall. The brightness is 100 lumens, but it’s bright enough . The reason is that it uses a DLP method that can use light efficiently.

The brightness was so bright that I couldn’t think of it coming from a palm-sized body. However, if you enjoy the video, it would be better to use it in a dark room.

Operate with the main unit or remote control

Photo: Kengo Shimazu 4898D86F-E56E-4FCF-B572-3334EE0A815B_1_100_o

Although it is a fairly small body, the buttons required for operation are built into the body. Playback on / off, power on / off, etc. can be operated on the main unit.

DA7A6B17-3554-4521-9613-30B032876688_1_100_o Photo: Kengo Shimazu

It also comes with a remote control, so it’s a good idea to use it at a remote location or when you need more detailed operations.

After all small is a big attraction

Photo: Kengo Shimazu

It was the first time I used such a small projector.

I was most worried about the quality of the video, but I have no trouble in using it everyday. You can carry it in your bag for work, or when you want to watch video on a big screen in a place where you don’t have a TV.

It was a projector that matched the new lifestyle in the future.

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小型プロジェクター PicoCube ピコキューブ S6 ワイヤレス wifi HDMI 接続 三脚 リモコン付 PSE 技適認証済

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