Apple was fined for intentionally delaying the iPhone

Apple’s admission that it intentionally delayed the iPhone provoked lawsuits against the company
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Apple will pay $ 113 million to the authorities in 34 US states for intentionally delaying the work of iPhone by updating the operating system, it became clear this week after a court decision in the US .

Plaintiffs claim that Apple has equipped some smartphone models with batteries, which over time have significantly lost their ability to retain charge. Earlier, in a similar lawsuit, the company agreed to pay consumers $ 500 million.

“Large technology companies must stop manipulating consumers and tell them the truth about their working methods and products. I strive to hold these Goliath technology companies accountable if they hide the truth from their consumers, “said Arizona Attorney General Mark Burnovich.

The investigation into consumer complaints began in January 2018. after Apple admitted to deliberately slowing down smartphones with outdated batteries. The company explained that the reduction in performance of older smartphones is due to the action of a special feature that is designed to protect devices from spontaneous shutdown and to this end neutralizes sharp jumps in performance.

Due to the impossibility to return to the previous version of the software, many users had to replace the battery of the smartphone or buy a new phone. According to the official confessions of Apple, due to the action of the function, which is also implemented in the iPhone 7, the performance of the smartphone may decrease at certain moments.

on its smartphones, Apple has given rise to numerous lawsuits against it. Some consumers do not waste time on trifles and demand huge compensation from the American corporation.

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For example, in Israel, a group of consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for $ 125 million because the company has breached its obligations to customers by hiding information from them that “harmless” software updates adversely affect the operation of devices.

In France, 15,000 iPhone users have complained to the HOP association, which fights against the planned obsolescence of products. According to their testimony, after installing software updates from Apple, the devices start to run slower, especially in cold weather.

Last year, Apple warned iPhone and iPad users that there are no to be able to connect to the Internet if they do not update the software on their devices released by 2012. The company explained that this is due to the GPS modules built into the iPhone and iPad. They must be recharged every 19 years, otherwise internet access fails.

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