Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square Isn’t Your Old Vacation Movie

Dolly Parton is carrying a red costume, sitting in front of a meticulously decorated Christmas tree, and prepared to Zoom. It doesn’t matter that it’s mid-October at the time of this interview. It’s the commute season as a long way as Dolly is alive to, and he or she’s ready to spread messages of hope and pleasure. 

She’s selling her most modern mission for Netflix—Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square, out November 22—a pair of filthy rich and chilly-hearted businesswoman (Christine Baranski) who returns to her limited draw of starting up to evict all people and promote the land to a mall developer…appropriate before Christmas. 

Dolly plays a pair varied roles in the Debbie Allen–directed musical, but Christmas on the Square isn’t your conventional cookie-cutter vacation movie. Certain, there’s choreographed singing and dancing—along side 14 customary songs from Dolly—and all people is completely coiffed for a jog to the inside of attain overall retailer, but it unquestionably entails song lyrics about fertility remedies and eviction notices. 

How’s that for a juxtaposition? I, for one, can’t remember the remaining time I saw a Christmas movie address such exact-existence instances. When I count on Parton about this, she at this time credit score creator and co-govt producer Maria S. Schlatter with the premise to feature a pair struggling to conceive and placing the storyline front and center. “Maria addressed so many excellent things with these characters,” Parton tells Glamour. “I became once upright so proud to jot down the music that can toughen all of that and affiliate with such excellent tales.” 

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Granted, it’s now not admire we learn about acknowledged couple inch to their doctor appointments and administer IVF shots at home. (I peaceable are looking out to scrutinize that.) Nonetheless their scoot—and eventual resolution to give up what’s meant to be to a higher energy—is moving to scrutinize.

Sunless-ish huge name Jennifer Lewis also stars in the Netflix vacation movie, which is directed by Emmy winner Debbie Allen.


Historically, Christmas motion photographs fair to transport you to a simpler time. Nonetheless it unquestionably’s 2020. and albeit we’re a limited jaded. We desire escapism, but with a aspect of realism. Christine Baranski says the movie succeeds because it doesn’t timid a long way from the difficult stuff.

“There’s an beautiful line in the film, ‘Grief is treasure with nowhere to inch,’ as properly as, ‘In case you’re numb to the feelings of others, it’s easy to ruin somebody,’” Baranski says. “Folks must soften their hearts, particularly now. We live in an age where it’s easy to let anger out towards varied of us. Nonetheless we desire to notice out to now not inch numb…and spread straight forward kindness on the smallest level. We upright must purchase the faith.”

Appropriate admire the fictional characters on this limited town looking out to make ends meet. “Folks are hoping for a bigger original year,” Parton says, “so if they’ll rep pleasure on this movie and it offers them hope, then we’ve finished our job.” 

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Soar editor. That you should follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

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