iPhone 14: Apple may launch A16 chip with 4nm only in 2022

Apple made iPhone 12 official with the new A14 Bionic in October and with it many new features and improvements arrived thanks to the 5nm lithography used on this chip. Now sources point out that the 4nm lithography can arrive only in 2022 with the launch of the iPhone 14 with Apple A16.

The information comes from an analyst at TrendForce, who says it is highly likely that Apple will launch the A16 with 4nm lithography in 2022. According to him, TSMC, which is currently responsible for Apple’s processors, should start mass production of the 4nm chips in the coming years.

This new generation of processors should further expand the power of iPhones while reducing their power consumption, increasing battery life and its useful life. In addition, these advances can reach the Apple Silicon chips that now equip Macs in future versions of the Apple M1, which may be called M1X or M2.

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Already iPhone 13 must arrive with the A15, a processor that must also be supplied by TSMC, but must adopt an improved 5nm lithography, called 5nm + by the manufacturer itself. It is worth mentioning that this same 5nm + process must be used in AMD Ryzen 4000 series processors.

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