Logitech repeats the feat and features incredibly light Gaming mouse

Complete with LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, HERO 25K sensor and a highly refined mechanical design, PRO X SUPERLIGHT is fast becoming the new standard reference for the world elite of sports professionals. “Having a good aim is essential, especially when playing CS:

Today, Logitech presents its lightest mouse for games wireless sports, the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT . Complete with wireless technology LIGHTSPEED , HERO 25K sensor and one highly refined mechanical design , the PRO X SUPERLIGHT is fast becoming the new standard reference for the world elite of sports professionals.

“Having a good aim is essential, especially when playing CS: GO,” said OleksandrKostyliev, better known as s1mple, a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player for NatusVincere (NAVI). “Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT allows me to continue playing at my peak, with zero limitations, zero commitment and, most importantly, zero errors!”

PRO X SUPERLIGHT stands for lightness and precision

The new PRO X SUPERLIGHT joins an impressive line of equipment PRO Series gear , which already has a reputation for quality and performance among the leading professionals in the world of e-sport. PRO X SUPERLIGHT has been field tested, and played a key role in helping ASTRALIS win the ESL season 12 final PRO League, and G2 Esports winning the 2020 European League of Legends Championship.

Logitech repete a proeza e apresenta rato Gaming incrivelmente leve 1

“I’m always looking for the perfect complement to imp improve my skills, ”said Benita Novshadian, also known as bENITA, CLG’s professional Valorant player. “The latest PRO X Gaming mouse is lightweight and accurate, allowing me to focus only in the game and the task at hand. There is absolutely nothing to hold me back! ”

To meet the demands of competitive games , the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT was designed to remove all obstacles to victory, as it is the lightest and fastest PRO wireless mouse from Logitech G to date. Meticulously designed to reduce weight while improving performance, the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT weighs less than 63 grams and is almost 25% lighter than the standard PRO Wireless.

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In addition, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT has one LIGHTSPEED 2.4 GHz wireless with greater responsiveness for unrestricted playback and up to 70 hours of drums. The new mouse has large PTFE feet without additives, for a low-friction experience that offers unmatched accuracy, speed and maneuverability.

PRO X SUPERLIGHT is equipped with Logitech G HERO 25K sensor at 25,600 DPI, the industry’s first submicron level mouse sensor, which can accurately track movement at the sub-micron level – approximately 1/50 the thickness of human hair – without compromising accuracy. The sensor does this without the use of smoothing and without spurious movements or parasite counts.

The HERO 25K sensor uses an intelligent energy management system to continuously adjust frame rates based on the movement of the mouse, to minimize energy consumption.Even with high DPI, HERO is 10 times more energy efficient than previous Logitech G sensors.

“With PRO X SUPERLIGHT, we exceed the limits of what is possible, when combining innovative technologies such as LIGHTSPEED and HERO 25K with a super light design”, said Chris Pate, portfolio manager at Logitech G PRO Series. “Tested and validated by professional athletes from around the world, PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the answer for players looking for peak performance.”

Price and Availability

O Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT will be available from December 3 in black and white, at logitechg.com for a recommended retail price of 149 €.


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