Now you can find out what your cat “says” through the MeowTalk application, from Alexa's creator

It’s been a while since a viral app like FaceApp or Prisma, and the next one could be MeowTalk. It comes from the creator of Amazon Alexa and has the role of translating the meow of a cat . I’ve already tried it and I can say that it’s not the most accurate, but it played at least two meows correctly.

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MeowTalk records the surrounding sound and identifies a meow typically on a certain frequency. The cat owner can help machine learning by tagging that translation and creating a database from which the AI ​​is still learning. So far, there are 13 “sentences” a cat can “say”, including “I’m nervous,” “leave me alone,” or “I’m hungry.” Uniquely, each cat has its own language, which is why the application allows you to create a profile for each cat.

The software will try to provide an accurate translation for each cat. By continuously recording and tagging sounds, AI will better understand each individual cat’s voice. In the future, a smart collar will be made that will translate in real time everything that comes out of the cat’s mouth and will then play it back with a human voice. The project is carried out by Javier Sanchez, head of a programming group at Akvelon and co-creator of Alexa. He states that in this time of social distancing many of us talk to pets and it would be nice for them to answer us.

The application is free in the Play Store and App Store and has mixed reviews for now. In the Play Store the rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars and the world appreciates the intention more than the success rate.

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