Home Business Npl, ABI: the desire to review the calendar provisioning rules is positive

Npl, ABI: the desire to review the calendar provisioning rules is positive

Npl, ABI: the desire to review the calendar provisioning rules is positive
20 November 2020

(Teleborsa) – “On the sidelines of the

Executive committee he was born in Council of the European Banking Federation on general manager of the ABI Giovanni Sabatini expressed great satisfaction in noting a convergent assessment of European banks on the need to review the regulatory framework for the management of impaired loans and in particular the rules on the calendar provisioning (cd NPL support end laws ) attained for some time by the ABI “.

This is what is read in a Note issued by the Association of Italian Bankers

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  • Npl, ABI: positiva la volontà di rivedere le regole sul calendar prov…

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