Oppo Find X3 receives the first teasers: 10-bit video capture and 10-bit display supported
Oppo Find X3 receives the first teasers: capture 10-bit video and 10-bit display supported

Revelations and teasers continue Oppo at the Inno Days 2020 conferences. Yesterday I saw AR glasses and a first rolling phone (details here) ) , and today there are clues about a possible Oppo Find X3. In fact, Oppo has announced a Full Path Color Management System, a system related to capturing and displaying 10-bit colors.

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Full Path means that the system covers everything from capturing images, storing them and displaying them with full coverage. DCI-P3 range and 10-bit color depth. Oppo adopts algorithms and uses hardware that maintains the fidelity of an image, while also achieving multi-frame noise reduction, distortion correction and “Super extreme perceptual resolution” . There is also support for Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR sensors, which Sony has been working on for several years.

Compared to classic HDR, DOL captures multiple exposures simultaneously, so the need for a correction for moving objects disappears. After capture, the images are stored in HEIF format and we also have support for 10-bit color depth, compared to JPEG which is limited to 8 bits. The advantage of a 10-bit file is that it retains its quality even after editing and has more pleasant and varied color gradients. Oppo has also adopted a special screen calibration system to bring color accuracy to the next level: around 0.4 JNCD.

The color gamut of the image is adjusted to match that of the screen: DCI-P3 with a dot white D65. Oppo made these innovations through a partnership with Zhejiang University to test and develop solutions that correct images and display them correctly for colorblind people. Oppo has also prepared special hardware for the camera on the Oppo Find X3, but will only unveil it next year.

It must be said that Oppo Find X2 already has a screen with 10 bit support, so it can display a wide range of colors , preventing that banding that sometimes appears in images on larger screens. The novelty of Find X3 will be that we also receive 10 bit capture. iPhone 12 Pro already supports 10 bit capture by the way.

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