Photoshop has received new versions for devices with ARM processors on board


Adobe today released new beta versions of editing program and photo manipulation, Photoshop for Windows and macOS. The new beta releases allow users of devices with processors on the Arm architecture to run the native program on them.

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Currently, Photoshop runs via an emulator on devices with Arm processors on Windows. On the new Macs with Apple M1 processors it runs through Apple Rosetta. Thus, natively optimized versions for these processors will improve performance.

However, the program is still in beta and there are quite a few features missing. We are talking about important things like: Fill, Patch tool, Healing brush and many other tools that are not yet available.

Adobe has listed on its website all known issues for both macOS and Windows, noting that they will be resolved over several weeks. Thus, it is not recommended to use the program in the usual way, being accessible only from the Creative Cloud application in the “beta applications” section. Adobe did not mention when they will make the transition to Arm64 and other programs, but we hope it will happen soon.

In addition to Adobe, Blizzard announced this week that World Of Warcraft will run natively on M1 processors on Apple devices. This news comes in time for his release World Of Warcraft: Shadownlands on November 23.

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