Samsung has a lot of contests and challenges for Bucharest Gaming Week on the weekend of November 21-21

For gamers in Romania this week was under the sign of Bucharest Gaming Week 2020 , event held online, digitally this year. Well, the central events of the week take place this weekend, November 21-22. At the Samsung digital booth explosive matches between reliable gamers will take place and there are also dwell contests and challenges, which you can find below

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L. a.fourth edition Bucharest Gaming Week, Samsung is a predominant partner and has its own dedicated stand. The event takes place online, and access to the platform for the general public is free. Gamers will be able to interact digitally with the most famous content creators in Romania, and the content prepared by Samsung within BGW is part of the #PlayOn with Samsung program. You will be able to participate in dwell contests, find out spicy details about your favorite gamers through irregular interviews and you will be able to watch the legendary battles HERE.

Saturday the first part of the Decide My Display contest takes place, together with Ovvy Patrascu. The FIFA World Champion will challenge his fans to beat him in a FIFA Cellular match on the Galaxy Display 20, and whoever manages to get the best score will win your gaming phone used by Ovvy.

On Sunday Maximilian Ioan will challenge his fans to show off their skills at Fortnite Cellular and put their own Display 20 on the line.

On Sunday there is also a CS GO demonstration match between the Nexus teams from Romania and FATE from Bulgaria.

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Another newly announced novelty is the first exclusively female gaming team in Romania, GRLPower, which will debut with a hybrid livestream, podcast & gaming session. The five members of the GRLpower team are Antonia Nuckle , Alecsandra Beatrice , Roberta AmR , MeowmyTTV and Reddysh . .

In the program you will also find duels between YouTubers Tedereu and Jaxi, but you will also see content from creators such as Deliric, Sânziana Sooper and Radu Constantin

Here is the full schedule of the Samsung digital booth:

Saturday, November 21:

The 5 coolest mobile games – part 1

Nexus gamers and games prehistoric – part 1
11:00 MaxSiOther – Hidden Tutorials in Fortnite
12:00 WorkPlay interview with Octav Cretu, Nexus manager
12:30 The biggest FIFA Cellular unpack with Ovvy
13:00 Has the same opinion LIVE – Decide My Display, cu Ovvy
16:00 WorkPlay interview with Alexandru Ion, owner of Nexus
17:30 5 gorgeous games for your gaming monitor

Tedereu (Nexus) vs. Radu Constantin… on mobile

8:00 pm Antonia Nuckle & GRLpower livestream 22:00 Deliric Vs. Jaxi… while preparing a sandwich – part 1

Sunday, 22 November:

Nexus gamers and prehistoric games – part 2

Ovvy – Demand of Me The relaxation (AMA) LIVE

Deliric vs. Jaxi… while preparing a sandwich – part 2
11:00 MaxINFINITE – mobile gaming session with Among Us
13:00 WorkPlay Interview with MaxSiOther
14:00 Has the same opinion LIVE – Decide My Display, cu MaxSiAltele
16:00 Top 5 Mobile Games – Part 2
17:00 Tedereu (Nexus) vs. Sînziana Iacob… on mobile
18: 30 CS: GO LIVE – Nexus Gaming vs. Demonstration Match FATE

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