Take a look at: Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Misplaced Realm

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Misplaced Realm is an Rpg action-adventure game initially released on apple-Arcade in 2019. We have seen it recently arrive on IOS, TvOS or even MacOS. But the model that interests us today is the Nintendo Swap model released on October 28th.

It was developed and published by Cornfox & Bros. , the studio behind the first part but also behind Loss of life Rally. You can find our take a look at from the first part here.

The sequel to Oceanhorn is now out on Nintendo Swap, and we can give you our opinion in this take a look at.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Misplaced Realm

Supports: Swich, Mac, IOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Release Date: October 28, 2020

Publisher: Cornfox & Bros.

Developer: Cornfox & Bros.

Multiplayer: No

A pleasant atmosphere, a great soundtrack and an effective story.

  • Artistic direction
  • Varieties of weapons
  • The opening to 3D
  • An easy and efficient scenario
  • The crazy soundtrack.
    • Sometimes a little stiff.
    • The more than unforgettable side quests.

    We set off on an adventure

    Oceanhorn sequel: Monster of Uncharted Sea, here we are going to play a young man of 18 who left to avenge his dad. The latter disappeared following a fight against an evil beast called the Oceanhorn. Young knight, we are going to cross the lands of Gaia in order to eradicate evil, 1000 years before the events of the first part.

    So you will notice that as this style wants, the scenario is quite classic and does not shine for its originality. However, it doesn’t have much significance. The scenario is only there as a pretext to begin our quest. What is therefore more predominant here is the adventure and observation we are going to live it.

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    On this level, the game is doing very well. The dungeons and the puzzles are rather well put together and original therefore allowing us to enter his world without too many problems. Going to the lands of Gaia in order to protect his people will make us discover all kinds of landscapes and pleasant adventures to experience.

    New gameplay

    Gameplay level, we are again here on a real Zelda admires. Where the first part fully embraced the style of Wind Waker in isometric view, this second part plunges us into a totally 3D world pushing us towards more exploration. If we really want to compare, we can notice that the open world with its different landscapes is closer to a Breath of the Wild where the gameplay is closer to a Wind Waker or an Ocarina of Time.

    But consideration, here we are not on an easy copy, like its elder, the game is certainly inspired by Zelda but it still nears to pull out of the game and to us it make it appreciated for what it is.

    One of the big novelties in terms of gameplay is the substantial number of new weapons added to the game. We can clearly note that the arrival of the rifle alternates the approach of the combat quite a bit, offering us a lot of possibility.

    To help you during your quest, you will also receive the help of two acolytes. Gen, a combat robotic wearing old samurai armor and Trin, the small-daughter of Archimedes, the leader of Arcadia. They will therefore be able to help you during combat, but on condition that you give them the order. Indeed, AI alone is not very efficient and will not help you much. Besides the combat, they will also be useful to you to solve certain puzzles and to advance you in the story.

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    Another necessary variety of this style of play is the presence of side quests. Oceanhorn 2 has quite a few of them, unfortunately they are very repetitive, in addition to having an absence of reward level interest, which makes them very uninteresting to follow.

    The game is clearly pretty easy overall, some bumps will raise the level, but we are never really in distress.



      The oceanhorn 2 character attach is very appropriate, and still very pleasant even coming from the wicked of cell. We can also note excellent landscapes, the default methodology is perhaps the lack of animations in general, the characters remain rigid citadel on the whole.

  • Auditively

    However this is not where the game is going to us impress, it is above all its soundtrack that will mark more than one. And what could be more frequent when we know that it was composed by Nobuo Uematsu who is none other than the composer of final fantasy music. A guarantee of quality which is still proven here.

    Oceanhorn 2: Knight of the Misplaced Realm

    Nicolas Callu

    Nicolas’ opinion on Nintendo Swap

    In short

    Oceanhorn 2: Knight of the Misplaced realm is a very good little Swap game that will delight us very well during this second confinement. A pleasant atmosphere, a great soundtrack and an interesting story will quickly lead us to appreciate the license. There is therefore an eye to keep here on the next games that may be released at Cornfox and bros.

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