The mob is more aggressive than the government.

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha’s statement on Nov. 19 can be called a full declaration of ‘law of war’ and Article 112 of the Criminal Code is coming back to play

It looks like a break up of a police rally. At the front of the Parliament Building on the day of the joint meeting of Sen.-Sen. To consider voting for principles “ Constituent Amendment ” in Agenda 1, all 7 editions added conditions for the demonstrators to continue moving at least for a period of time. With anger towards the police officers who use both the Gino water sprinkler Mixing colors and chemicals to spray on protesters. Including the use of tear gas throwing As a result, many people perceive the power of one of the state tools used to defeat the mob

. Confront the people group Until someone was injured The mobilization of the assembly carrying firearms was detained. Considered at risk, the situation would escalate and difficult to control Of course, the police were the target of not dissuading. 2 groups of masses

. It is said that the masses opposite the people of the people that day Part of it was recruited from the eastern provinces. Which is a network of politicians in the area Used to be a celebrity godfather Currently has a position in the government In the past, I tried to organize a mass movement, expressed a certain standpoint, something many times. To intend to please “Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha” Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

People in the government know that That this politician blessed the Prime Minister and “Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan” Deputy Prime Minister And the leader of the Palang Pracharat Party

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protesters’ grievances towards the police. Expressed through the splash of color in front of the Royal Thai Police (STC) with no remaining pieces. Spray paint on walls, road surfaces, with speechless text. This is what appears in this rally for democracy

. Another part of the grievance of the people protesters. The draft constitution “ Ilaw ” was overturned in the House of Commons. It is true that many of the proposals in that draft. These are all things that have happened before in Thai politics, according to Pitha Limcharoenrat, the leader of the Kao Klai Party, but the current context. The opposite party does not trust. Therefore hammered the lid of the coffin, figure 7 Claiming to be a public draft The kind that the person who proposed to the council knew that There is no way through this council. But as I said, being overturned creates a condition for movement outside the council to continue

. The adults on the side of the government fully believe that “Isaw” accepts foreign money. Come on mission And believe that the overturned draft constitution “Isaw” One of the figures in the hand is a person with the initials “Por”, a former MP who has full house fans in the city

rhythm. The next step for the “People’s Communities” will be held on November 25 in front of the “Office of the Crown Property” and will rally for another 7 days in a row to pressure the Prime Minister to resign despite the strategic view. This out-of-parliamentary movement by the People’s Party I still can’t figure out how to achieve my goals

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Alone, raising the level of the assembly will also put pressure on oneself. When the government by the Prime Minister Announced through a statement There is a point that “Governments and security agencies need to intensify their practice by enforcing all laws. Every section available Take action against protesters who have committed crimes, break the law, ignore respect for other people’s rights and freedoms. “Of course, moving forward is even more difficult

At the heart of the Prime Minister’s Statement is “ will enforce all laws. All existing sections “It is therefore understood that Article 112 of the Penal Code may be applied to the protesters. After a long time away or not?

Can say that the government has declared a full-fledged rule of war

The more the “mob” the more aggressive to pursue “the government” in addition to not going back then Sometimes it may be a pressure to open up and counterattack. Chasing the bill to return the mob, it is possible Because it has both power and law in hand

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