Upgrading to macOS Big Sur causes serious problems for many MacBook Pro users
Upgrading to macOS Big Sur causes serious problems for many MacBook Pro users

The latest update to macOS Big Sur caused several MacBook Pro users problems, with devices remaining locked during installation, displaying only a black screen.

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It seems that the problem would appear frequently on the MacBook Pro 13 models late-2013 and mid-2014. However, users of other models have also encountered difficulties, and others say they have managed to fix the bug. However, the two MacBook Pro 13 models seem to be experiencing severe problems.

These were revealed by MacBook users on the MacRumors, Reddit and Apple support site forums. There is no information on what would cause these problems or simple ways to solve them. Apparently, neither resetting NVRAM nor starting in Safe Mode fixes the bugs, according to users.

The new operating system, macOS Big Sur, thus has a very large number of bugs since its launch. More recently, new devices with the Apple M1 processor on board remain locked after returning to the factory settings. At the same time, they would suffer from lags and sudden slowdowns due to a lesser known feature that checks new programs installed on the computer.

Apple is currently experiencing server issues, making it impossible to install the new update for older device users. However, given the problems and bugs that have arisen, it would be better to wait a few weeks for them to be resolved.

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