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Location: Frisco, Texas

Gearbox Machine is within the hunt for a passionate Senior Sport Dressmaker to be half of our Persona, Digicam, and Rob a watch on team (3C). This particular person will work carefully with the UX Director and a lot of sport designers in implementation of the following: core character trot and combat mechanics, input mapping and purchase watch over schemes, aiming programs, digicam behaviors, player feedback (haptic and digicam shake) and UI presentation polish.


  • Have faith, put in force, and tune erroneous trot mechanics (stroll, flee, bounce etc.) to boot to evolved traversal mechanics (bound, mantle, etc.) guaranteeing that the second to second truly feel of navigating the area is easy, responsive, and fun.
  • Have faith, put in force, and tune the player’s innate combat mechanics, resembling melee, so they truly feel exciting and simple to make employ of.
  • Have faith and iterate on the values of our aiming and digicam programs in suppose that focusing on enemies and objects within the area feels natural to the player.
  • Coordinate with Have faith Ends in originate definite aspects being worked on successfully fit inside of the context of the final sport targets and are being leveraged successfully by speak and combat teams.
  • Support a lot of teams in identifying and polishing presentation where imaginable by digicam shake, rumble, display outcomes, and more. This comprises weapons, player skills, interactive objects, level sequences, enemy skills, and executives.
  • Champion strategies to facilitate the above displays where imaginable. This comprises participating with construct, engineering, and manufacturing on instruments and job improvements.
  • Resolve default and alternate input mapping schemes for console, cellular, and PC devices in suppose that actions are mapped in an intuitive scheme.
  • Support the UI team in designing and imposing programs that stretch to in-world displays: Directional concern indicators, low health warnings, target records, digicam transitions on UI interactions, etc.


  • A sturdy opinion of good judgment, technical structure, and trip with a lot of scripting languages.
  • A capability to name asset needs required to elevate a excessive-quality presentation to the player (UI, FX, Audio, Animation, etc.).
  • Familiarity with animation programs including blending, warping, layering, synched choreography, and say machines.
  • Self-motivated with a capability to search out the dazzling steadiness of quality while calm turning in aspects on time.
  • Stable written conversation skills and a capability to elevate designs clearly to a lot of team members.
  • A obvious angle and a capability to bag and provide purpose feedback on areas of sport truly feel and presentation.
  • A keenness for games and an opinion of the programs that make contributions to developing a sport “truly feel” devoted: how a personality strikes, input latency, digicam to input relationships, animation programs, digicam/haptic feedback, etc.
  • 5+ Years as a Sport Dressmaker, without a longer much less than 3 years outdated trip working in a relevant construct dwelling that pertains to core player mechanics.


  • Abilities the usage of Unreal 4.
  • Abilities in Maya (preferred) or identical 3D applications.
  • Familiarity with instruments construct and a capability to outline improvements to present instruments and workflow.
  • Working records of how you might perchance perhaps perchance code digicam, purchase watch over, and traversal programs.
  • An avid fan of first-person titles, with a familiarity of what a lot of shooters are introducing to elevate the genre in presentation, core player mechanics, and fun.

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